With our extensive project management and leadership experience, we make sure the implementation of IPTV consultancy projects is a success.

Our key competence areas:

  • effective stakeholder management and team leadership in global, culturally diverse teams

  • leadership and cooperation with Asian partners (China, India) from outsourcing operations to delivering joint projects

  • conflict-resolution, team coaching and project-turnaround in delayed/troubled projects

  • product management and development based on the priorities of our clients (Agile, Lean methodologies)

In facts we trust.

We make sure that you are in control of your business situations with up-to-date status, measures, risks and planned risk management strategies for the rest of the implementation project.

We believe that in IPTV service excellence the main factor is the human factor, which needs continuous, quality training. We are glad to develop trainings or workshops which suit your business challenges and needs.

Our mission is to help you on the road towards improved IPTV services.

Changing Project Management Profession

“...In facts we trust.
Project teams are becoming 24/7, globally distributed, loose communities. You need to know how to deal with the virtuality and the cultural mix. Thorough planning and always knowing your numbers becomes even more important.”

Andrea Darabos, PMP

Andrea works as a Project Manager and Consultant since 2007 and she has led various project teams in China, Sweden, UK, Ireland, Canada and Hungary. Her experience ranges from leading R&D development projects with agile practices till managing international outsourcing projects to highly profitable countries.

In her spare time, she loves social dancing and travel to less-known places, in order to discover different ways of life and distant cultures.

We believe in continuous learning and collecting lessons learned. Selected cases from our business experience: